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Profiling the agents by means of their

  • identity performance (gender (P), social status (P), native tongue (P), places of residence (P))
  • scholarship environments (educational places (P), teaching places (P), action networks (P), acquaintances (P))
  • practices and medialities (language proficiency (P), language of scholarship (P), media (P), practices (P))
  • attributions (community allocation (P), profile assessment (P), value estimation (P), transtemporal communities (P))

Levels of analysis

  • Catalogue (criteria, set of preferences, invented communities, transtemporal community-building/critique through compiling,...)
  • Comparing catalogues (criteria, sets of preferences, composition, competing/claiming communities,...)
  • Scholars (medial self-fashioning, media mobility, scholarly trajectories, communicative techniques, mediated competition,...)